Historic Districts

Rockville has two types of local historic districts: multi-site and single-site districts. Multi-site districts consist of more than one property or resource that contributes to the overall character and history to be preserved. Single-site districts include only one property, with all associated buildings on that property.

Some of Rockville's local historic districts are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in whole or in part, though a few historic properties are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and not located within a local historic district. National Register sites do not require Historic District Commission review for work on the property, however, they may be eligible for additional historic preservation tax credits administered by the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT).

Learn how a property is designated as a Local Historic District.

Historic Preservation
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8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Historic Districts - Interactive Online Map

The map below shows the location of Rockville's local historic districts and properties in the city's historic buildings catalog. To find a specific location or district, use the search bar, or zoom and pan on the map. Clicking on a colored shape on the map will show a pop-up window with the name of the underlying local historic district or building. For a listing of all local historic districts in Rockville, scroll down below the map.

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Historic Districts - List

The table below lists each of Rockville's Local Historic Districts and federal National Register properties. National Register properties are identified by an asterisk (*) and are also included at the bottom of the list. 

Individual Historic PropertiesAddress
(by street)
MHT Inventory Number
Date Designated
Steinberg House110 S. Adams StreetM: 26/10/822003Residential
Tyler House149 S. Adams StreetM: 26/22/22007Residential
Wootton's Mill ParkAintree Drive and Watts Branch ParkwayM: 26/042000Public
Rabbitt-Ray House315 Baltimore RoadM: 26/13/122005Residential
Thompson-Ray House503 Baltimore RoadM: 26-482008Residential
Rockville Cemetery1350 Baltimore Road
M: 26/18/012002Institutional
Howland House540 Beall Avenue
Allnutt House541 Beall AvenueM: 26/07/011974Residential
Wootton's Mill Miller's House8 Camden CourtM: 26/52000Residential
Letha E. Payton House224 Elizabeth Avenue 2009Residential
Fllint Hill Farm/Hurley-Carter House411 Feather Rock CourtM: 26/32000Residential
Judge Delashmutt House119 Forest AvenueM: 26/432002Residential
Hipsley-Thompson House701 Grandin AvenueM: 26/13/132002Residential
Corrick-Robertson House709 Grandin AvenueM: 26/13/142003Residential
Brewer Summer Residence315 Great Falls RoadM: 26/412003Residential
Bessie Hill House602 Great Falls RoadM: 26/24/22010Residential
Kelley House628 Great Falls Road 2013Residential / Institutional
Pump House401 South Horner's LaneM: 26/142005Public
Carver High School850 Hungerford DriveM: 26/442002Public
Cook-Waters-Lewis House302 Lincoln AvenueM: 26/15/22006Residential
Reuben Hill House305 Lincoln AvenueM: 26/15/42002Residential
Wilt-Barnsley House100 Lynch StreetM: 26/7/82007Residential
Howes-Grossman House104 Lynch StreetM: 26/7/92007Residential
Edmonds Family House702 Maple AvenueM: 26/13/182007Residential
Ross-Powell-Crutchfield House22 Martin's LaneM: 26/16/12003Residential
Haiti Cemetery205 Martin's LaneM: 26/16/052002Institutional
1971 Rockville Library
[demolished 2009]
99 Maryland AvenueM: 26-472008Public
Americana CentreMonroe Street
Mrs. Rickett's Cottage710 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/772002Residential
Spates Bungalow115 Park AvenueM: 26-12-52003Private
Carey and Hattie Kingdon House300 Reading AvenueM: 26/13/152002Residential
Fred and Mary Nellinger House419 Reading AvenueM: 26/13/162004Residential
Homewood550 Reading AvenueM: 26/13/172002Residential
Lincoln High School595 N. Stonestreet Avenue
M: 26/15/031990Public
Evans Summer House117 S. Van Buren StreetM: 26/422002Residential
Hebron House17 Martin's Lane 2015Residential
B&O Railroad Historic District (click for link)*1974 
Wire Hardware22 Baltimore RoadM: 26/12/03National Register (1978)Commercial
B&O Railroad Station98 Church StreetM: 26/12/01National Register (1974)Commercial
St. Mary's Church and Cemetery520 Veirs Mill RoadM: 26/12/00National Register (1978)Institutional
Courthouse Square Historic District (click for link) *1979National Register (1986)
1931 Courthouse27 Courthouse SquareM: 26/11/01  Public
1891 Courthouse29 Courthouse SquareM: 26/11/01   Public
Old Post Office2 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/11/02
Dawson Farmhouses (click for link) *1983National Register (1985) 
1912 Farmhouse1070 Copperstone CourtM: 26/19/00 Residential
1874 Farmhouse1080 Copperstone CourtM: 26/19/00 Residential
Rose Hill Farm Historic District2000
Rose Hill Farm and Mansion215 Autumn Wind WayM: 26/08-012000Residential
Rose Hill Farm Barn and Milk House127 Bullard Circle
M: 26/08-022003Residential
South Washington Street Historic District (click for link)*1974National Register (1986) 
Porter Ward House100 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/03 Commercial
Lamar House101 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/05 Commercial
Anderson House104 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/09 Commercial
Greene House105 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/08 Commercial
Abert House/The Rectory107 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/07 Institutional
Warner House108 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/10 Commercial
Christ Episcopal Church109 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/11 Institutional
Dr. Linthicum House110 S. Washington StreetM: 26/11/04 Commercial
West Montgomery Avenue Historic District (click for link)*


National Register (1975)
Jenkins/Miller/McFarland House5 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/16 Commercial
Old Baptist Parsonage9 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/15 Commercial
Robb/Higgins/Ward House101 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/14 Commercial
Robert Peter House102 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/80 Residential
Office house (built 1985)
103 N. Adams StreetNone Commercial
Jones/Peter/Muth House106 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/13 Residential
Grahame House107 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/10 Commercial
House at Wood Lane108 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/12 Residential
Darby House109 N. Adams StreetM: 26/10/11 Commercial
Cottage on Quality Hill10 S. Adams StreetM: 26/10/69 Commercial
Jerkinhead Cottage12 S. Adams StreetM: 26/10/21 Commercial
Bessie Lyddane House14 S. Adams StreetM: 26/10/20 Commercial
Rockville Academy103 S. Adams StreetM: 26/10/02 Commercial
House301 Anderson Avenue(built 1995) Residential
House303 Anderson Avenue(built 1995) Residential
House314 Beall Avenue(built 1993) Residential
House316 Beall Avenue(built 1993) Residential
Little Lodge w/ Stable and Ice House at Chestnut Lodge3 Bullard Circle
Added 2002Residential
House12 Forest Avenue(built 1989) Residential
Dawson-Thomas House14 Forest AvenueM: 26/10/89 Residential
Henderson-Saunders House18 Forest AvenueM: 26/10/89 Residential
Talbott/Abbe House100 Forest AvenueM: 26/10/31 Residential
Ebrahimi House106 Forest Avenue(built 1995) Residential
Edwin Smith House108 Forest AvenueM: 26/10/57  Residential
Old Presbyterian Manse112 Forest AvenueM: 26/10/58 Residential
Former Rockville Christian Church101 W. Jefferson StreetM: 26/10/22 Commercial
Prettyman House104 W. Jefferson StreetM: 26/10/03 Residential
Cooke Luckett House107 W. Jefferson StreetM: 26/10/23 Commercial
Old Methodist Parsonage111 W. Jefferson StreetM: 26/10/24 Institutional
Old Baptist Cemetery c/o Peerless Rockville, Inc.
115 W. Jefferson Street
M: 26/10/54 Institutional
Sophia Higgins House200 W. Jefferson StreetM: 26/10/38 Residential
Greene House11 Laird StreetM: 26/07/02 Residential
Judge Anderson's House39 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/17   Commercial
Bombay Bistro, etc.90-98 W. Montgomery Avenue   Commercial
Rebecca Veirs House100 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/19 Residential
Beall-Dawson House*
 [National Register, 1973]
103 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/01  Institutional
Dr. E. E. Stonestreet's Office103 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/01 Institutional
Rockville Methodist Church110-112 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/70   Institutional
Montgomery County Historical Society
111 W. Montgomery Avenue   Institutional
Montgomery County Historical Society113 W. Montgomery Avenue   Residential
Edwin West/Daisy Magruder House114 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/08 Institutional
Stokes House115 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/26 Residential
Lowry Villa117 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/27 Residential
Wagner House201 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/41 Residential
Wagman House203 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/29 Residential
Sonner House205 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/42 Residential
Rockville Presbyterian Church207-215 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/72 Institutional
Speare House208 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/06 Residential
The Judge's Chambers212 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/43 Residential
214 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/71 Residential
Honarkar Residence216 W. Montgomery Avenue(built 1987) Residential
The Annex/King House217 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/44 Residential
Daniel F. Owens House218 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/05 Residential
Williams Farmhouse222 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/37 Residential
Old Episcopal Rectory223 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/45 Residential
Morrow House227 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/30 Residential
Miss Lucy Simpson's /
 Rockville Institute
229 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/46 Residential
Pumphrey's Funeral Home300 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/35 Commercial
Welsh's Folly301 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/47 Residential
Vacant Lot (Pumphrey's Funeral Home)
304 W. Montgomery Avenue
Johnston House307 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/73   Residential
Rosenberger House310 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/48 Residential
Chabad House311 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/74 Residential
314 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/49 Residential
Allen/Prettyman House318 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/50 Residential
Duncan House400 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/51 Residential
Jones/Kelly House401 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/52 Residential
Stimek-Deighton House402 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/75 Residential
McDonald/Gilchrist House405 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/53 Residential
Veirs/England/Ward Villa409 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/54 Residential
Conklin House411 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/55 Residential
415 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/76 Residential
House417 W. Montgomery Avenue(built 1997) Residential
Braunberg House419 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/07/03 Residential
Chestnut Lodge (Main Lodge and open park area) [Destroyed 2009]500 W. Montgomery AvenueM: 26/10/04Added 2002Residential
Thirty Oaks (Buckingham)522 W. Montgomery Avenue(built 2004)Added 2002Residential
Thirty Oaks (Buckingham)524 W. Montgomery Avenue(built 2004) Added 2002Residential
Thirty Oaks (Buckingham)528 W. Montgomery Avenue(built 2004)Added 2002Residential
Charles Brewer House309 Potomac StreetM: 26/10/87 Residential
House lot at Chestnut Lodge5 Thomas Street  Vacant lot
Akhlaghi House6 Thomas Street(built 2001) Residential
House lot at Chestnut Lodge7 Thomas Street  Vacant lot
Chinn House8 Thomas StreetM: 26/10/88 Residential
Dr. Willson Cottage10 Thomas Street  Residential
Craig House16 Thomas StreetM: 26/10/61 Residential
Frieda's Cottage
 (Dr. Fromm-Reichmann)
19 Thomas StreetM: 26/10/32 Residential
Almoney House105 S. Van Buren Street
M: 26/10/09
Wire/Vitol House11 Wall StreetM: 26/10/83 Residential
England House12 Wall StreetM: 26/10/84 Residential
Thompson House15 Wall StreetM: 26/10/85 Residential
Gude Cottage16 Wall StreetM: 26/10/62 Residential
Garrett Cottage19 Wall StreetM: 26/10/63 Residential
Green/Headley/Lai House21 Wall StreetM: 26/10/64 Residential
Wootton Bungalow22 Wall StreetM: 26/10/86 Residential
Kilgour/"Cinderella" House25 Wall StreetM: 26/10/33 Residential
Yearley/Conway House26 Wall StreetM: 26/10/34 Residential
Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Parsonage17 Wood Lane
M: 26/10/40 Institutional
Jerusalem-Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church21 Wood LaneM: 26/10/39 Institutional
Adams Law Center25 Wood Lane(built 1985) Commercial
Adams Law Center27 Wood Lane(built 1985) Commercial
Adams Law Center29 Wood Lane(built 1985) Commercial
Adams Law Center31 Wood Lane(built 1985) Commercial
King Farm Farmstead Park Historic District (click for link) 2006 
Main House #1016100 Frederick RoadM: 20/32-1  Public
Garage with attached Meat House #9 M: 20/32-2  
Farm Workers House #8 M: 20/32-3  
Farm Workers House #7 M: 20/32-4  
Dairy Barn Complex #6 M: 20/32-5  
Horse Barn #5 M: 20/32-6  
Hay-Drying Shed #21101 Grand Champion Drive
M: 20/32-7    
Rockville Heights Historic District (click for link) 2008 
Warfield House101 Fleet Street  Public
Warfield House103 Fleet Street   
Warfield House105 Fleet Street   
Warfield House107 Fleet Street   
The Clifford Robertson House150 Maryland Avenue   
Glenview Farm (click for link)*2011 National Register (2007) 
Glenview Mansion603 Edmonston DriveM: 26/17
Glenview Cottage (doll house)603 Edmonston Drive

F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater603 Edmonston Drive

Croydon Creek Nature Center852 Avery Road

Recreation Services Buildings860 Avery Road

All National Register Listings (locally designated or not)
Beall-Dawson House103 W. Montgomery AvenueNational Register (1973)Public
Bingham-Brewer House307 Great Falls RoadNational Register (1980)Residential
Dawson Farm312 Ritchie ParkwayNational Register (1985)Park
Glenview Farm603 Edmonston DriveNational Register (2007)Public / Park
Montgomery County CourthouseCourthouse SquareNational Register (1986)Public / Commercial
New Mark Commons [pending]New Mark CommonsNational Register (2017)
Residential neighborhood
Rockville Railroad Station98 Church StreetNational Register (1974)Commercial
Third Addition to Rockville & Old St. Mary's Church and Cemetery30 Baltimore Road and
520 Veirs Mill Road
National Register (1978)Public / Institutional
West Montgomery AvenueW. Montgomery AvenueNational Register (1975)Residential
Rockville Park subdivision (inclusive of all properties listed below, though not all are contributing properties)
OwnerAddressHistoric ValueLand Use
Mayor And Council Of Rockville201 Baltimore RoadNon-ContributingPark

205 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

206 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

207 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

209 Baltimore RoadNon-ContributingResidential

212 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

213 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

300 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

301 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

303 Baltimore RoadNon-ContributingResidential

304 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

305 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

305 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

306 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

307 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

310 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

312 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

315 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

400 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

401 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

402 Joseph StreetNon-ContributingResidential

403 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

404 Joseph StreetNon-ContributingResidential

404 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

405 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

405 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

406 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

407 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

408 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

409 1/2 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

409 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

409 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

410 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

411 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

413 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

419 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

420 Reading AvenueContributingResidential

421 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

422 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

426 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

428 Reading AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

501 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

503 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

505 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

511 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

513 Baltimore RoadContributingResidential

601 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential
Montgomery Co. Humane Society601 S. Stonestreet AvenueNon-ContributingCommercial

602 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

603 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

605 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

606 S. Stonestreet AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

615 S. Stonestreet AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

700 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

701 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

702 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

702 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

703 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

705 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

707 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

707 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

709 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

711 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

712 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

713 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

713 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

715 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

717 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

717 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

718 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

719 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

719 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

720 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

721 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

721 Maple AvenueContributingResidential

722 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

723 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

724 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

725 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

726 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

727 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

728 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential

729 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

730 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

731 Grandin AvenueNon-ContributingResidential

732 Grandin AvenueContributingResidential