Development & Zoning

    Applications and associated plans received prior to the closure will be reviewed and completed. Staff will contact applicants with further instructions.

    During the closure, we will accept only electronic plans for submission and review. Standard practice will resume when operations return to normal.

    Submit new development applications (site plans, special exceptions, plats, project plans, forestry, variances) and associated plans and documents by email to

    Submission requirements:
    • Completed applications, plans and supporting documents must be a PDF.
    • File names should reflect the file’s content (for example, “applications” or “forms”). 
    • E-plans should be unlocked and fully editable. All digital signatures must be approved/flattened prior to submission so as not to interfere with the plan review code compliance mark-ups on the plans.
    • All plan pages must be combined into one document. Do not send separate documents for plans, specifications and calculations.
    • Maximum file size is 25 MB.

    Review, markups, comments and approval stamps will be made electronically.

    Pay permit fees by phone. Once paid, the permit will be sent to the applicant.

    Public Works permits must be submitted to James Woods at

    For any questions, contact

The City of Rockville reviews development and zoning applications to ensure they comply with the regulations of the City Code and Charter and addresses the needs of the surrounding community.

For a second opinion from a supervisor or the director as described in the Customer Bill of Rights.

Rockville City Limits

Not all Rockville addresses are within city limits. Check to see if the property is within Rockville city limits. If the property is not within city limits, you can apply for an annexation petition.