City Projects

Rockville is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life by maintaining city infrastructure and continuing to improve facilities, neighborhoods and offerings. The city works with closely with community members to determine future planning and development. 

Each city project is prioritized based on budget, feasibility and Mayor and Council priorities. The Mayor and council priorities are: 

  • Efficient and effective city service delivery.
  • Good governance.
  • Safe and livable neighborhoods.
  • Fiscally responsible.
  • Planning and preservation.
  • Informed and engaged residents.
  • Economic development.
  • Stewardship of infrastructure and environment.

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Current Projects

Photo of Baltimore Road at First Street to Denham Lane

Baltimore Road

Construction begins summer 2017

Improvements to Baltimore Road include widening the roadway to make it safer and adding pedestrian safety measures at several intersections. Most of the work will be between Route 28 and the city limits, just east of Rockville High School. It is scheduled to begin in summer 2017 and take 18 months. Cost: $5.1 million, $3.6 million of which is covered by a grant. 

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King Farm farmstead

King Farm Farmstead Rehabilitation

The King Farm Farmstead was designated as a historic district in 2006. Formerly the largest farm in the area, much of the original farm has long since been sold and developed. The property that remains is comprised of 8 buildings on 7 acres. The property’s condition has been assessed and a task force was created to provide recommendations to the city. Currently, the property is in the planning stage for rehabilitation and future use.

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Photo of a building being constructed

Development Watch

Development Watch lists the current and planned major developments by commercial developers in the city. The city reviews submitted developments and requires public participation as part of the development review process. Track statuses and planned projects to find out when you can give input on major developments in your city.

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Rockville Swim and Fitness Center locker rooms

Swim and Fitness Center Renovations

Key elements of the project include increasing the size and capacity of the locker room; modernizing infrastructure and amenities; improving Americans with Disabilities Act compliance; providing family and gender-neutral locker room areas; and reconfiguring the lobby.

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Rockville Skate Park

Rockville Skate Park

Plans are underway for a new, 15,000-square-foot concrete skate park, to replace the one at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center.

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Small pond in a field

Hungerford-Stoneridge Stormwater Facility

The Hungerford-Stoneridge Stormwater Management Facility retrofit project at Cabin John Stream Valley Park includes dredging and deepening the pond to enhance water treatment, and planting native and marsh plants, shrubs and 29 trees.  

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Bullards Park Stream Restoration

The Bullards Park Stream Restoration Spot Repair will replace invasive species with native vegetation, reduce erosion to stabilize the stream and minimize pollutants ability to travel to the Chesapeake Bay.

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Stonestreet Corridor Planning Meeting

Stonestreet Corridor Study

Covering roughly the east and west sides of North and South Stonestreet avenues, east of the Metro and CSX rail lines, from the northern edge on Westmore Road south to where South Stonestreet Avenue ends at Veirs Mill Road. The study will identify key sites for short- and long-term action, and will seek to strengthen relationships through outreach and engagement with business owners, tenants and neighbors in the corridor area.

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Aerial town center

Master Plan Update

Rockville 2040 has been a wide-ranging initiative dedicated to updating the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan. The Comprehensive Master Plan’s goal is to preserve and improve the quality of life in Rockville by guiding development and conservation, and ensuring that the city can continue to provide high-quality community facilities.

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Historic District

Historic Resources Management Plan Update

Plans to update the 30-year old document are underway. The Historic Resources Management Plan outlines how Rockville’s historic buildings and areas are managed, including private homes designated as historic. 

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