Rockville 2040: COMPREHENSIVE Plan UPdate

Review of Staff Draft by Planning Commission

An Initial Staff Draft of the 10 elements of the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Rockville was received by the Planning Commission at their Dec. 12, 2018 meeting. The Planning Commission will provide initial comments to staff during review sessions on the plan’s vision statements, planning principles, and 10 elements starting in January 2019. 

The document is being prepared in two parts: Plan elements that address issues at the citywide scale and planning areas at the neighborhood scale. The Planning Commission review begins with the plan elements.

The Initial Staff Draft for Planning Commission review:

Two-page layout for on-screen viewing, at full resolution (222MB)
Single-page layout for printing, lower resolution (48 MB)

Staff will edit the document as directed by the Planning Commission to prepare a Public Hearing Draft. The public comment period will open after the Public Hearing Draft is received and released by the Planning Commission.

The Draft Comprehensive Plan includes draft policies in ten elements, corresponding to 10 chapters, focused on:

  • Land Use and Urban Design
  • Transportation
  • Recreation and Parks
  • Community Facilities
  • Environment
  • Water Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Municipal Growth

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan elements, a separate, second part of the document will address each of Rockville’s 17 planning areas. CPDS staff continues to work on the planning areas part of the document. Each of the geographically defined planning areas will have a section that states city policy and detailed recommendations on critical issues at the neighborhood scale.

Rockville 2040 Process

The Rockville 2040 branded community outreach process concludes with the delivery of the Draft Comprehensive Plan to the Planning Commission in December 2018.

Rockville 2040 engaged the Rockville community in a discussion about the current state of the city and desired future on critical planning issues. The outreach included 35 listening sessions, four citywide forums, and three open houses. In addition, CPDS staff meet with a wide variety of stakeholders and neighborhood groups.

The input was summarized in staff reports and presented to the Planning Commission. The process now moves into the review and Public Hearing phase at scheduled meetings of the Planning Commission.

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Community Input During Rockville 2040

View materials and results from past citywide forums, listening sessions, and the project kick-off meeting on the Meeting Results and Materials page.

Trends Reports Provide Context for the New Comprehensive Plan

To understand conditions in the city as they stand today, city departments prepared trends reports in key topic areas including: Community Facilities, Economy, Environment, Historic Preservation, Housing, Land Use, and Transportation. 

Learn More About the Draft Comprehensive Plan and Get Involved

  • Send comments or questions on the CMP or its associated neighborhood plan with your full name and address:
    • By email to
    • By mail to:
      Long Range Planning Division
      Community Planning and Development Services
      111 Maryland Avenue
      Rockville, MD 20850

Read the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan

Find the current Comprehensive Master Plan and its related policy documents that will be updated through the Rockville 2040 process.