Bullards Park Stream Restoration Spot Repair

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The Bullards Park Stream Restoration Spot Repair is intended to protect public infrastructure and stabilize an intermittent tributary to Watts Branch within the Potomac River watershed. The project was originally identified for restoration due to erosion that is jeopardizing existing public utilities including a sanitary sewer pipe and manhole. The stream restoration area originates at a 48-inch storm drain outfall south of Calvert Road and extends approximately 300 linear feet downstream. This project will protect public infrastructure and enhance the watershed through stream restoration, wetland enhancement, and invasive species control (bamboo).


Bullards Park is located at the corner of Roxboro Road and Calvert Road, Rockville MD. View the project limits (PDF).


Design in progress

Planned Improvements

  • Reduce erosion threatening public infrastructure, private property, and mature trees
  • Stabilize the stream
  • Reduce invasive species (bamboo)
  • Reestablish native vegetation
  • Protect existing wetlands and forested areas
  • Reduce pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay


Diron Baker
Rockville Project Manager
Phone: 240-314-8533
Email Diron Baker

Gabe Kosarek
Rockville Project Manager
Email Gabe Kosarek

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