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Hungerford-Stoneridge Pond wildlife photographs graciously provided by Rockville resident Sally Guardia.

The Hungerford-Stoneridge Stormwater Management (SWM) Facility was originally designed and constructed in the late 1990’s to collect and slow stormwater runoff and reduce water pollution from a 450 acre drainage area. Almost half of this area is impervious surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and buildings.

Over the years, the pond cells and shallow marsh area have successfully collected sediment and pollutants from stormwater runoff and reduced the impact to local waterways. In order for the ponds to continue functioning properly, sediment removal, maintenance and other improvements are needed to restore the treatment capacity of the facility.

The Hungerford-Stoneridge Stormwater Management (SWM) Facility Improvements project was recommended in the 2011 Cabin John Watershed Study (PDF) as a crucial component to the long-term health of the watershed. The study was approved by the Mayor and Council in July 2011, and the project was included in the adopted Fiscal Year 2016 Capital Improvements Program.


Cabin John Stream Valley Park at Cabin John Parkway and Leverton Road View Map (PDF)


Under construction.

Estimated Completion

Landscaping installation and project completion expected in spring 2019.

Planned Improvements:

  • Remove accumulated sediment
  • Increase the depth of the pools to improve stormwater quality treatment
  • Plant multiple varieties of trees
  • Plant native march wetland habitat throughout the facility
  • Perform other facility maintenance

Related Documents:

Community Meeting Advisory (PDF)
Community Field Walk Advisory (PDF)
Neighborhood Advisory - Data Collection Phase (PDF)


Email Gabe Kosarek, Rockville Project Manager, or call 240-314-8513.

Email Hjarman Cordero, Senior Rockville Neighborhood Resources Coordinator, or call 240-314-8344.