Swim & Fitness Center Renovations

Plans to modernize and expand the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center's locker room and lobby are underway.

Based on community recommendations and an architectural audit, we're planning an major renovation that will focus on upgrading the locker rooms and lobby.

Key elements of the project include:

  • increasing the size and capacity of the locker rooms
  • modernize infrastructure and amenities
  • improve Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
  • provide family and gender-neutral locker room areas
  • reconfigure the lobby

An Invitation for Bid was been posted on October 30, 2018.  View our October 30, 2018 Letter to Customers for details.

A construction contractor has been selected, and work will start in March 2019.  View our February 25, 2019 Letter to Customer for details.  An important highlight is that while we do plan to keep the indoor pools and fitness rooms open with minimal interruptions, customers should plan on entering the facility from the outdoor pool’s entrance and use the outdoor pool’s bathhouse from May-September 2019.  Stay tuned for more details to be posted here as plans continue to develop.  Be sure to join our Email Newsletter to get updates sent right to your inbox.

Please be advised that the service road leading to the indoor pool's filter room will be closed beginning Monday, March 18. The renovations contractor will be using this are to load their construction equipment. View our March 8, 2019 Letter to Customer. This will NOT effect: Main Parking Lot, Facility Entrance, Locker Rooms or Facility and Program Schedules.

Swim and Fitness Center Exterior facing the Lobby

Renovated Locker Rooms and Lobby Layout and Designs

Review a sneak preview of the layout and appearance of the soon-to-be renovated Locker Rooms and Lobby areas.

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